About SAMA Talks

SAMA Talks is a long-form conversation hosted by John White, the co-founder of Spooky2, with guests that include holistic physicians, naturopaths, nutritionists, scientists, professors, and beyond. At SAMA Talks, John White and his guests are dedicating to discover the underlying cause of illness and disease, demonstrate the best ways to live naturally and teach people how to regain and enjoy a healthy life.

Beginning from the Year 2017, we have invited the best health experts from all over the world to join the SAMA Talks. They were all experienced pioneers who achieved promising results from healing or treating diseases and illnesses over the years. Many of our guests have helped and influenced millions of people to improve their overall wellness and general well-being. For the last four years, SAMA Talks covered a wide range of medical and health topics, including self-healing, food and mineral nutrition, advanced natural therapies, and detoxification.

At SAMA Talks, we believe the most basic techniques are usually the most effective. Natural health and fitness therapies do not have to be expensive or complicated. The best healing comes from nature. Therefore, we are determined to bring the essential and authoritative health knowledge to our audience, help them to balance their work and life, lead them to a wellness journey, and pass the belief to their loved ones.