[Coffee Time] Episode 24: Spooky2 9th Anniversary Special Event

Dear Spooky2 users,

Thank you all for participating in our special Coffee Time last week to celebrate Spooky2’s 9th birthday! The event was very successful, and we received so many touching and inspiring stories from our users!

This year, we had the following users who kindly shared their stories during this Coffee Time and won the big prizes!
They are Siddheshwar Chopra (MiraMate Ray Gun), Anne Gallagher (Spooky2 Remote v2.0), Victoria Avellaneda (MiraMate Light Pad), Bradley Johnson (MiraMate Ray Gun), Dirk Terpstra (HeaWea MicroGen), Jaime Salomon Tacher (MiraMate Light Pad), Eileen Lynn (Spooky2 Remote v2.0), Irene Luu (Spooky2-XM Generator Remote Kit), Roger Cross (15% coupon code) and Sophia Farah (15% coupon code).

Congratulations to you all and we hope the gifts will bring you happiness and health! Your success stories will definitely bring hope and inspiration to others in the Spooky2 community.

Just like what John and Echo have mentioned during the show, whenever we hear a successful Spooky2 story, it really makes our day. And we will continue our hard work to bring health and well-being to more people around the world!

We are so happy and grateful to be celebrating this 9th-anniversary special event with you and looking forward to seeing you all in our next event!

Also, we have donated $5 dollars each on every audience’s behalf. We really hope that through small changes and efforts, our big Spooky2 family can help more people and animals in need.

If you are interested in our Spooky2 Global Aid Foundation, you can visit our website:

Please feel free to send us an email at SAMA@spooky2-mall.com if you have any questions on this subject.

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