Episode 166: Royal Rife’s Microscope – The Universal Truth

Welcome to SAMA, a program in which we invite an expert each month to discuss a topic from their area of expertise. We were delighted to have Dr. Steven Ross as our guest expert in this week’s episode.

The Universal microscope was designed and built by Royal Rife. It had incredible magnification and resolution. The invention of such an incredible device threatened the current medical system, so people were assassinated and Rife’s laboratory equipment and records destroyed.

This is all true. You can read about it on the internet. But is it really fact, or is it like the game of Chinese Whispers; a game where people line up and whisper a phrase from one person to the next? The phrase unusually morphs into something completely different.

In this interview, Dr. Steven Ross puts the story straight, because he was part of Rife history. He was asked by John Crane to return the Universal microscope to functionality. Let Dr. Ross tell us exactly what happened, who was killed, where the Royal Rife documents are, and what finally happened to this incredible microscope.

Highlights of the video.

2:30, The big question is asked: What is the Universal microscope?
38:15, Where is the microscope now? Has it been destroyed?
01:16:25, Dr. Ross tells us what he thinks the near future holds for Royal Rife’s microscopes and inventions.
01:23:50, Dr. Ross shares his opinion on whether or not the Rife frequencies interfere with the subtle and causal bodies of spirituality.
01:25:00, Dr. Ross gives insight into his special (and simple) method of meditation.
01:41:00, Dr. Ross is frustrated, wondering why there are so many Rife devices on the market that have nothing in common with Rife technology.

Spooky2 encourages everyone to watch this riveting interview. We must remember who Royal Rife was, and learn how his discoveries could have changed this world.

If you have any questions on this subject, please feel free to send us an email at SAMA@spooky2-mall.com.

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